Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sky was the limit, now I am bored

After spending 7-10 years working most of us come to a point when we start re-evaluating our career. The first couple of years are spent being the youngest in the team and taking things as they come. Towards the 5th year you are comfortable and confident about the profile, by the 7th year you get directly or indirectly involved in office politics, ego clashes, lack of learning something new and self-doubt. After the 8th year in the same office, you are furniture.

A drastic step will only ruin the situation further, thus a more gradual and subtle approach might help you tackle your mid-career-confusion better.

#Life Hack: There are days when you feel the best part of my job is that the chair spins, huh! It happens to all, just relax.

Few ideas you could consider
  • Taking a study break might be a good option. Work experience will give a different perspective to the way you demystify the problem. 
  • Chase your passion. If you manage to find a way to work on something you like and make money it’s the best career combination.
  • Change jobs! It’s the most obvious but, make sure you have invested a good amount of time and effort on self-evaluation.Your ambitions and goals change, it’s a good sign. Means you are constantly evolving as a person.

I had the opportunity to attend a course at the Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad) and it wasn't the class that inspired me but my class mates. Learning and sharing of experiences is something you always remember.
An ex student, very proudly stated “ISB is all about arguments” It’s the best way to break a problem and thrash every possible way to solve it. If you ever decide to take a break and study, ISB is my choice. Here are a few reasons.
  • ISB has academic alliances with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.This offers a good mix of professors and students with exposure to different economies and geographies.They also offer a student exchange program. 
  • ISB is a very progressive institute, and respect your individuality.
  • You can stay on campus with your family or your significant other.
  • Class participation is given more importance than class attendance.
  • At ISB, the environment plays a vital role in enhancing your learning experience. The facility is spread over 260 acres and offers a swimming pool, squash court, football ground, tennis court, billiards, gym, yoga, kids play garden, running track. 
  • ISB has a very strong Alumini connect.

Don’t obsesses about what you should be doing based on your age, work experience or others triumphs because every person follows a different path. If you enjoy your journey you will find a way to work it .

The day you feel the sky is over rated, change your angle.

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