Friday, April 22, 2016

Catcall is not a compliment

“If you insult me within 5 seconds of calling me beautiful you are violating my space”

Do you remember the first time someone came so close, that it made you sink within. Did you go home angry and want to punch him for touching you in a crowded bus? or on your way back from school?

Life Hack: You expect it to happen but it doesn't stop you from getting angry. We have a burden to protect ourselves all the time
No matter how confident and outgoing a woman is, thinking about her first encounter with street harassment will always get her unsettled. I asked women on twitter to leave a comment about their first uncomfortable touch and it was surprising to see how much anger they held within even after so many years.

During catcalls, the harasser encroaches the personal space of the woman and forces her to be apprehensive about every stranger. There are surprisingly high number of people who do not see the distinction between a compliment and a catcall, this will only get worse if we remain silent about such issues.

Problems without names tend to stay inadequately addressed, street harassment always starts with something verbal, an uncomfortable word or gesture is the beginning of an unpleasant experience. I wish we treated our women and trees with more dignity, after all they do have an equal right to public spaces.
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