Sunday, November 16, 2014

Made in China

"Coca Lola" oh I smell China*

You are on the flight dreaming about the beautiful destination you are going to explore in the next couple of hours. All directions & signage are in Mandarin, and you think this is going to be an interesting trip. English is an issue, out of 12 words in a sentence they might understand one.

#Life Hack: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat are illegal in China. They have their own Chinese rip-off's.

Why China is probably not on your travel bucket list
  • If you are a stubborn eater, then China is going to have fun at your cost.
  • Language barrier can be overwhelming.
  • They respond once to your 100th smile.
  • Why are you going to China? Are you sure your tickets are not fake..ahem I think so!
Why China should be on your bucket list
  • When no one understands what you say, the rest of your senses are ruffled and forced to step up. You observe more, talk less and imagine at the speed of light.
  • ‘People watching’ is the most preferred activity, you start connecting dots of human relations based on your experience.
  • Interiors of China are extremely fascinating and its history will captivate you. Make sure it’s a part of your itinerary.
  • Did not meet a single Indian traveler during my entire trip, one more reason to explore a new land unseen by most of us.
  • "Panda's" they are ADORABLE.
Where you come from, is always the foundation of where you will go. With this logic you better know the legacy of the world’s largest population.
Make lot of friends in China that’s your survival tip. Once they trust you they guide and respond to every smile. Any tourist site will give you a list of to do’s in China but all you need is an open mind and soul. Soak their culture, watch them, and let it be an experience.

It’s totally worth knowing what “made in China” breathes.China was everything I did not expect, China turned me into a story teller.

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