Thursday, November 20, 2014

Neon Blur Shanghai

Me: Love Shanghai (dreamy eyes), wouldn't mind settling down
Shanghai Local: No No, our population cannot hold you. Be a tourist, come back next year
Me: ouch!
What makes Shanghai a great memory is its "energy". I did the whole drill of taking site seeing buses, jumping from one spot to another but nothing compared to just silently being a voyeur and watching the “Dragon of China” fade in and out of neon blur.

Bund overlooking the famous Putong skyline is synonymous with Shanghai. It has a real personality and every time of the day belongs to a different set of people. 

#Life Hack : Shanghai is a LIVE ramp, where Chinese checkout other Chinese
Early in the morning and during weekends all over Shanghai, the city shows off its community spirit. Pensioners gather with a boom box not to battle it out to hip-hop beats, but to gracefully move and turn to traditional Chinese dance forms. Anyone can get involved and enjoy the local beats.
As you grab brunch and get back to the Bund, one can’t help but notice absolutely stunning brides posing against the massive skyline. Every 50 steps has a new bride and groom posing to capture the "moment of their life". Like a typical bollywood shoot there’s a camera man, makeup artist, stylist, umbrella man, food basket, shoe changer.. the works!Shanghai has a list of wedding photographers, their portfolio is worth checking.
Don't get intimidated by their tone, its usually very high pitched. Nothing to worry, they are just being jovial. If a local skips the queue don’t get hyper, will lead to extra chaos. Just concentrate on counting the number of people around. It will be more than obvious that you are in the worlds most populated city.

Shanghai is China’s fancy face. Its their benchmark for the rest of China and that’s what makes it the best of China. Unfortunately English is still an issue but by the time I reached Shanghai sign language was a mastered art.

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