Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Shakti - Dear Women, I apologise

As a woman, “I apologise for calling you beautiful before brave” the images actively manifest female embodiment and strength.You are beautiful not like the magazines, but because of the way you think, the way focus, the way you love and stand strong. Shakti is a visual narrative showcasing women being strong in their daily lives.

Life Hack: True Shakti is disruptive.

I have been working since 6 months on project ‘Shakti’, collecting stories of women that epitomise strength in their daily lives. Every photograph holds a story of her background and struggle. It has been very overwhelming for me as a photographer, every time a woman shared  her vulnerability and fears, Shakti grew stronger. I will be continuing to work on this series, and capture stories of women across the globe because some emotions are universal and beyond barriers. There’s no rational reason for me to explore such stories, but I feel very connected with women who need a voice. 

This story has been featured by #Homegrown as a tribute to women on International Women's Day

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