Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fighting Body Shaming With PhotoblogHER

#PhotoblogHER, it is my attempt to talk about 'positive body image'. I combine art and activism to strike a conversation about body positivity. Take everything that is bright within you and introduce it someone. As privileged strong women we should take ownership and inspire the next generation to live fearlessly. Women are very focused when they are vulnerable because they anticipate fear, using this as the base I work on projects that actively manifest female embodiment and strength. 

PhotoblogHER disrupts the status quo, speaks the truth, ruffles stereotypes and encourages change. A woman should never have to apologise for her glory.

Life Hack: When a woman stands up for herself, she represents the entire race. 
Recently The Better India featured stories and photographs by PhotoblogHER, in a world where bloggers promote 'perfection' to take a stand against it and celebrate vulnerabilities is a tough call, but I am committed. 
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