Friday, February 27, 2015

Passion is a startup, fight for it.

The toughest hurdle for anyone chasing their passion is the fact that they have to get over themselves! Get over the notion of a perfect life, perfect job, and the perfect time to get started.

No one is going to believe in your self-proclaimed brilliance, until you make noise. Don’t have to be a mad bull, do it in style like no one else can beat you. It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you do it. Passion will chase you, no matter where you are. It will find a way – It’s your calling.

Passion is contagious, love talking to someone whose eyes lit up talking about something they create with their soul...reminds me of my superman.

#Life Hack: You know its passion, when you fight for it. 
There’s a voice that needs no words, listen - Rumi

I believe in people, they are my inspiration. I would like to introduce a new section where I will feature real dream catchers. These people never give-up on themselves. If you never failed that means you haven't lived well. Unless you lived so cautiously, in that case you lose by default.

Write to me, if you know of someone inspiring, or if you would like me to blog about your passion. I would LOVE to know your story and share it through 30ish.This is my favourite post, it’s a reminder of "my purpose in life". 
OWN YOUR PASSION, flash it. It’s the diamond you are born with.


  1. Am now officially a fan of your thoughts :) Were you always so creatively inclined even during MBA days? Really would have been nice to have worked on some stuff during those days with you

  2. I am flattered Akhil:) We are going to work on something interesting very soon. Get back from ur TRIP (cricket fantasy league) and buzz me.. cheers