Thursday, March 5, 2015

Be the Durga, you believe in

As Women’s Day approaches social media is bursting with issues relating to Sexual Violence, Rape, Domestic Violence. My blood boils as I watch the BBC documentary “India's Daughter”. Watch it just to remind yourself that,“You have to stand for yourself”.

I don't understand these hypocrites talking about the Indian society being patriarchal. It’s the same society that worships Durga. Each and every woman has this goddess within her. Durga is a warrior woman and so are you. She is the only one I think of every time I need inner strength.

#Life Hack: A real man will never have an issue with this post. 
You say, educate the society.
You say, make them understand.
You say, our jurisdiction cannot hang them.
I say, give them to us and we will deal with them.

I am very emotional about this topic. Trust me if each one of us built the same uproar within, there would be no crime against us.

Please don’t depend on anyone to save you. You have to fight for yourself and be absafuckinglutely unapologetic about it. Some battles are your own, no one will understand. Don’t waste time making them empathise with you.

Be the Durga, you believe in. Let’s redefine the meaning of #IndiasDaughter.
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