Tuesday, March 10, 2015

WTF, Where's The Food?

I am not a foodie if you dare me to have carrot juice for 4 meals, I will. But street food is like a lover I can not resist. Will run extra for a week but its so worth it. So what if beef is banned #Beefban, we can connect on something everyone enjoys.

#Life Hack: The most dangerous food??? err.."The Wedding Cake".
Will be fun, identify your street food personality!
Vada Pav- It belongs to the heart of Maharashtra, a mighty ball of fried potatoes snuggled in soft buns! No I am not writing for Playboy, although my description is fantasizing the street delicacy. This is the official desi veg burger– spicy, hands free and on-the-go.
It goes best with fried chillies and chutney, and of course a chilled Thums-up. You have to tell yourself "Darr ke aage jeet hai" to digest this combination of food. Don’t bother looking at the pool of hot oil in the wok, it’s our comfort food.

Cutting Chai – Just like a vodka shot, it’s the right amount of strong, extra sweet and boiling hot concoction. There’s a typical way you consume this mighty mix, long slurp followed by a loud sigh.. Sounding like a sweet alarm for your brain. aapphh..
Typical day of a workaholic– chai break – work – loo break– chai break – work –chai break –work –. Its for those people who like to socialize briefly at the tapri, discuss cricket/bad-boss/gf tantrums and return to their respective desks/lives.

Pani Puri/Puchkaa/Golgappa – Oh boy, these are the big guns. It’s for the real risk takers, they take life head on. "Meetha ya Theekha", doesn't matter they just keep gulping the fire ball. Nothing stops them, watery eyes, running nose, tongue on fire, not even watching someone punching the puri with nails that could stab your tummy. PS: This does not apply to the ones who have pani puri made in bisleri (#snob)

Chocolate Sandwich – After eating this you will have a feeling that Nutella was invented for bread. Chocolate, butter, carbs, peanuts and tastes like heaven. All those calories just make you bounce for hours, total energy booster. Someone wise said "after all chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands".

Street Food is a great way to know a place, it will give you cues about various aspects of their culture and people. Food brings out the best and the worst in people, on that thought if someone says something badass when "HuANGRY" just forgive them.

I am a Poo*chkaa.

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  1. I am totally a mumbaikar at heart so my choice is vada pav..totally luv them..

  2. Cutting chai it is... can totally relate to it...

    1. Sneha your love for "EXTRAA SWEET Chai" you are surely Miss Cutting!

  3. Jeeta, I agree.. Vada Pav was our breakfast in college:) and knowing you.. it totally suits your personality.. ek dum Jhakkas*

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