Thursday, March 12, 2015

When 30ish seems complicated - Yoddhas, a true story.

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#Life Hack: Nothing makes you feel more alive than your world turning upside down.                                                                                                Malcolm Gladwell.
Now keep this quote in mind as the story unfolds…
Title: Yoddha
Main Protagonist: Rahul Yadav
Supporting Cast: Wife and Close Friends
Actors in Negative Role: Cancer Myeloma, Chemotherapy & Emotional Turmoil
Statutory Warning: All characters are real and as inspiring in person. This might make you question your purpose in life.
Scene 1(2013) – Rahul has just got married, is in between jumping jobs and looking forward to a blissful future but is diagnosed with Myeloma Cancer at the age of 28. SCREACHIINNGG BREAK!
Scene 2 – Self-doubt, a feeling of the entire world sinking, uncertainty. He definitely did not plan this for his 30ies. So what happens if being 30ish seems complicated and uncertain?
"It was like being hit by a 300 mph train. I had never even heard of the name Myeloma before. I was lost and trust me at this moment the internet is the worst place to be in".                                                                                                                              Quoting Rahul.
Everyone looks up to Rahul as being a survivor, an inspiration to thousands but how does it feel to be absolutely vulnerable and scared. He faces the world like nothing happened, but trust me lots happened within. He challenged his fears, his tears, and his life.
Meet the Real Yoddha, someone who is as human as us, yet a terrific personality to learn from.
  • Rahul is an IT professional. Believes technology should be used to simplify life, not complicate.
  • Rahul is passionate about his social initiative, Yoddhas
  • Rahul loves Bollywood, he gave me an example from the movie “Border” to explain his state of mind, and we connect instantly in true filmi style.
  • Rahul adores his wife (A rare quality in husbands)
  • Rahul is inspired by Lisa Ray, she not only fought the dreaded disease but also is actively supporting cancer survivors.
Meet the Super Hero
  • Rahul recently celebrated his 100 days, post Bone Marrow transplant.
  • Rahul won the People's Choice Award as well as the second rank for projects at the Unesco Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition for his efforts via Yoddhas.
  • Rahul wants to be a pillar of strength by building communities that center primarily on promoting cancer awareness among the youth and providing a platform for Indian patients to connect with each other for information and emotional support
One of the main issues is, lack of “constructive emotional support”.  They want the right human touch and not a self-help mobile App. Rahul’s story has been covered by various publications and websites, he specifically asked me to not go the regular way. This is my humble attempt to write about a soul that deserves a standing ovation for his spirit and audacity. He is a survivor in more ways than we know.
Rahul is 30ish and a game changer, Respect! #WATCH Rahul's message to 30ish followers

If anyone of you would like to support Yoddhas being a donor or pitching in as a volunteer connect with me. You can also tweet and spread the word. 
** Rahul Yadav, needs a matching donor for further treatment. Leave a comment on the blog, team Yoddhas will reach out to you.

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  1. Thanks Ishan :) Do follow 30ish for interesting posts.

  2. Yoddha is such an apt word to describe someone willing to put up a tough fight against cancer. The mental termoil is truely difficult. Salute to anyone who ever had to face this situation and a serious applause to all the support and care givers.

    Pooja..Good job as always :-)

    1. @Manoj, Rahul is an absolute gem. I am sure he will love your comment. You can get more information about Yoddhas on their FB page.
      Thanks for following every post by 30ish:)

  3. Loved it! Not only is the story inspiring but you have a wonderfully unique way of putting it across.

  4. Loved it! Not only is the story inspiring but you have a wonderfully unique way of putting it across.

    1. Hey Shivani, appreciate your kind words:)

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  6. Truly inspirational and marvelously written. :)

    1. Aditi, I hope lot of people come forward to support Yoddhas. Its truly a great cause:)

  7. Thanks Priyal. Unfortunately Rahul's cancer has relapsed. Pls connect with #Yoddhas if you can help in any way. My fb page has all the details:)