Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I am gonna make onions cry!

Before you draw conclusions, onions represent all those negative vibes that hold us back. Onions worry us the most when we are stuck in between “what if “and “screw it”.
There are times when I try to convince my brain to feel and my heart to think! It’s an IMPOSSIBLE task, that’s when onions win. Don't be at war with yourself it’s a very dark space.

Life Hack: You can either worry or have faith, the choice is yours.
Your biggest strength is also your weakness, a very wise man’s words. The same onions can make the world’s best onion rings. Bad Vibes can also push you take a call in the right direction

There are times when your gut tells you to do something, but that challenges all your life’s strategies, balance sheets and planning. I do not know about the rest but I will definitely give myself a chance. So what if you make a new business plan every day, you just need to get it right once! That’s the beauty of it, life is a lesson, you learn it when you are through. The trick is to never look back or down, just focus on what’s ahead. The moment you get distracted, onions kick in!

I have found my inner bitch and now we run with it baby**million dreams to chase.
Here’s a fun quiz, pick the words you see first, they are signs to your current vibe. I picked Intelligence, Popular and Happiness. Leave your 3 words in the comments column, your vibe might inspire 30ish readers.
Quiz Source : Mental quiz via Facebook
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  2. Love this article. Especially the title and the way it flows in terms of negative vibes.
    I got the following 3 words which best describes me:
    Love, Youth and Humour....

  3. Hey Sheetal.. your three words are perfect, suit you:) And the title rocks init..even I think so! keep commenting, love reading them.. cheers.

  4. Wah! Let's catch up over some kanda bhajjiya!

    1. OMG! Mr. Scarecrow:)) of course we meeting. Tell me when.
      inbox me your number,

  5. Love, Health, Fun :).... Love the blog :*

    1. You are surely in Love.. and the glow is beautiful Charanjit

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  7. Sujal.. that's what you got to chase then.. a good life is waiting :D

    love 30ish