Tuesday, March 31, 2015


‘Body Art’, you either like it or you don't. There is no midway. If you were confused about getting one in your 20ies then the odds of getting one the moment you clock 30ish is very high. It’s a tested statistic, think of people around you.

Tattoos are so much deeper than what you see. It predominantly defines your uniqueness. Our society craves individuality and self-expression. Lot of people communicate through body art. It’s an unspoken language, more like a vibe you reflect.

Life Hack: Similarity between tattoos and botox? Both deal with self-esteem

Every time I noticed a friend get inked at 30, I asked why now?? each one had their own reasons which made lot of sense to their existence. They have candidly shared their tattoos with 30ish.**Hugs. One thing they all have in common is that it marks an important time in their life or a turning point. You fairly have an idea about things and people that truly matter.
Unfortunately tattoos border around stereotypes eg. He has skulls on his arm.. what a freak! We all judge, the first expression carries much more weight than reality.

Here’s a list of popular tattoos and their meaning
  • Butterflies – Symbol of love, change and rebirth
  • Lions – Stands for strength, courage and protection
  • Stars – Shine in darkness, no fear
  • Pin up girls – Ideal beauty, youth and attraction
  • Birds/Wings – Symbolic to freedom, free spirit
  • Alphabets – Faith and reminder of someone special
I am yet to find something that defines my spirit. The day I am sure, I will definitely get inked. Till then I am gonna flaunt "Muscles & Mascara" to amuse you  :D
Do share some ideas about your ink'spiration and how it matters to you.

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  1. Dammit...i was planning on one too!! **gets a paper bag to cover his head**

  2. oh common! get it.. what were you planning?

  3. i want the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland wearing the Mad hatter's Hat and a line saying "we are all mad here"

    **cuts out holes in the paper bag to peep out**

  4. I loveeeee body art...
    my tattoo for me is my journey from a single carefree girl to a full fledged MOM to my beautiful baby.. u know tat , u have been a part of it...
    every time I look at it, or every time someone asks Me what it is I love telling the story behind it. I relive those days and tat time where it's all crazy changing diapers and sleepless nights... but after all that pain it's all worth it with tat one big hug u get and tat one I love u mom...
    So the tattoo is also same when u get inked its painful but once ur done it's beautiful and with u for life..
    Once again pooji well done loved it... hope u get ur inspiration soon

    1. You are a brave mom and beautiful inside out. Such a lovely and heartfelt response to the post.You are right, one can experience the joy only once a "creator/mom". Your story of metamorphosis is brilliant, thanks for sharing something so close to your heart. xoxo, 30ish loves you

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  6. GOOD READ !!
    -- never hv a tattoo just coz sm1 u know hs it or just to be in vogue or in sync wit d times.. hv it coz it represents one self n who u are.
    -- we all know n hv read how tattoos hv gone bad wen one realises of removing it for wateva reason he/ she thinks of..
    so one must be totally sure wen gettyn inked n be Inkspired (luvd dat word)..
    --- Just B Urself --

    1. Chandrahas I second that thought :) A tattoo is very personal and unique. your tattoo is kickass. Thanks for sharing it with 30ish.. a wrong tattoo can totally screw-up your peace of mind.