Friday, April 3, 2015

Confessions of an IPL superfan

Indian's have a PHD on our cricket squad. Everyone has a proven theory which makes complete sense to themselves. I challenge none of you. This post is based on my personal experiences.

With sheer luck and the case of right time right place I got this fab opportunity.The craze was obviously insane during the initial seasons with everyone wanting to know everything about cricket, cricketers, scandals, after parties, owners etc.
#Life Hack: You can question India's PM in court but not Sachin Tendulkar -Sidhuism
What has working on IPL taught me?
  • No matter how cool and unaffected you pretend to be, the moment your favourite cricketer appears, you behave “juvenile”. Giggle, lose all your snobbish SWAG and behave like a retard. He (The Wall) asked me in the most charming voice, "No makeup, is it fine for the interview" and I just looked at him like an awestruck idiot. My reply “Oh you want me to wear makeup” EPIC Disaster.(And see how brave am I, to put it on 30ish)
  • When he (The Spin Wizard) calls his lads in a thick aussie accent to the pool for a warm up, you drop everything and pretend to work.. “Obviously by the pool”. That man is charming in the most unconventional way and redefines brat.
  • There’s a reason why after parties earned the “wicked party tag”. You have to experience them to be convinced that they were not required. Every team has their own mellow version of post game celebration which is quite acceptable.
  • Cricketers are as human as us. They experience fatigue and disappointment, have post game show-downs and lose heart after a tough defeat but the next game is always a new opportunity. They party, have a drink, shop and chill by the pool and that’s absolutely fine.
  • As young cricketers they are exposed to so much money, pressure and stardom. It’s really tough to stand still. That knock of glamour can blind your game. In the last 8 years IPL has seen so much talent appear and disappear.
  • IPL will collapse without its support teams. So much heart and sweat goes into managing this giant logistics nightmare. The amount of work put in by the management teams is most unnoticed.

Working on this project has been my careers sweet spot. I travelled to South Africa, Dubai, most of the home games and collected crazy memories. If you mention a cricketers name, I have an after party story/trivia ready to entertain you. T20 is not the traditional cricket format and lot of fans are very touchy about the dynamics of this tournament, but as an IPL superfan I love all the entertainment.

As I gear up for the coming season, stay tuned for my next post. My perspective is that of a fan who got lucky, nothing more than that. 

PS: I have left enough clues to guess the cricketer. Did I take any names?? Nah!! and the pics are of a fan with their fav cricketers, no big deal ;)

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  1. Do I need to wear make-up .. ha ha ha.. cannot stop laughing my guts out.. #IPL8

    1. Chandrahas..Im sure you can totally imagine me doing that:)

  2. I really feel IPL is and shud be a platform where the youngsters and the rookies can be groomed and made into good prospects for the indian cricket team and in all the disciplines (not just batting) and not for the unfortunate tags of #getrichquickly #parties #quickmonies

    1. #getrichquickly is extremely dangerous.. its not their fault.. the limelight can ruin anyone's concentration.. but there are lot of them who are aware that media watches every move..thanks for your insights Chandrahas

    2. Correct.. Limelight can smtimes play spoil on humans but any player knows n need to be disciplined n do watz best for his own game n perform on the field than newhere else :) :)

  3. BTW. .its Sports entertainment n does cm with its flaws..India's answer to the WWE
    i'm sure u won't hv ne scoops on Dravid or Sachin or Kumble or VVS wen he played this format..

  4. Kumble!! noone has any scoop on him:D he is scoop proof.. the rest I can try..hmmmmmmm

  5. Loved this post. Next time I would just like to be the listener to the stories during your meeting with the cricketers :)

    1. Thanks Akhil, we can surely catch up for some "healthy gossip". I am sure you have enough stories to add to my wisdom ;)

  6. Mustafizur Rahman all wickets in IPL 2016 here. He is one of the great bowler in IPL 2016. We are proud of Musta.

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