Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Trouble is you think, you have time- Buddha

We live such restless lives, never in the moment. Either thinking of the past or planning the future. On Monday we dream of Friday, on Saturday we dread Sunday evening. I do it too, and no matter how hard I try I barely live the moment.
Screw your SWAG, work on the soul. We get so excited if we get 30 minutes of "me time", sounds familiar?

#Life Hack: Kama means love* and Sutra is the thread*. We need to string our love towards ourselves, invest in yourself and most important "breathe".
There is a Buddist theory that says, when you meet someone and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, he is not the one. Instead if you feel calm, then that’s the one. Apply this logic to your daily life, it will give you clarity. If you dread your job, then you are probably in the wrong field.

Think about this
3/4 of the things we worry about, don’t even happen.
Disappear! I do this very often, nothing said, nothing done. I sit in my space shuttle and freeze time.
Go to a new place, always helps. When it’s uncertain, you pay more attention to your senses.
All you need is a perfect song on a perfect drive to feel like a superman.
Alcohol is not an answer, but may be you forget the question. If it works for you, fine..but don’t over do.
Sleep solves every problem. If you think sleep is a waste of your talent, then find someone and do it. Whatever works for your Calm-Ahh-Sutra30ish is mid life for an average life span, I am not scaring you just reminding that may be living edgy and free might be more rewarding and fulfilling.

Tell us about your "CalmOlogy".What is it that you like to do in your me-time, leave a comment and share your ideas.
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  1. I soo agree tat we don't live for the moment part.. untill a few months ago.. I was this crazy person running around not knowing wat to Do and wats happing. Constantly worrying abt stuff tat dnt really matter. I kept feeling I dnt get enough 'ME TIME' .. but then I decided that I got to stop worrying abt it and do something. So I started making space , removing time from my daily schedule jus for myself.. where I'm not a mom and not a wife.. no duties jus me. That got me thinking wat will I want to do in this ME time... the 1st thing that came to my mind is *learn to swim*. So tats it I enrolled myself for swimming classes and morning 6 to 7 is blissfull ME time jus the water n me... that's my CALM-AHH-SUTRA.
    Keep up the good work pooja.. love your blogs..

    1. Haha I am sooo proud of you for kicking ass and making time for yourself. That's the magic word *personal bliss. Swim and enjoy the peace.. You need to love yourself as dearly possible, before trying to love someone else.. sadly people do not realise this simple equation:).. Love that you enjoy 30ish.

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  3. this is SO awesome!!!! i definitely have to take my new morning routine seriously, which involve meditation. this helps me start the day with a calm(er) mind and to get comfortable just being with me!

    1. Chelsea meditation is definitely a great jumpstart for the day:)
      PS: I love your updates @ the new wifestyle..great job.

  4. Replies
    1. Such a happy name :) Thanks Flo.
      Do follow my fb pg for regular updates.

      Love 30ish.

  5. I so loved this article. Who else would love sleep more than me :-P.
    Well I firmly believe that love thy self, else you can never make anybody happy.

    1. Sheetal Self love is a 'happy girls' first priority, the rest will fall into place. We should meet when you are in Mumbai...

  6. Watching movies in theaters, going running listening to music, sleeping on flights is my way of switching off. Movies specially the last show in theaters when you don't get too many calls is the best actually!

    1. Movies are such a fantasy world.. so much packed in 2hrs, late night shows and caramel popcorn best combo..