Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Strong, like a girl - A blogger's vision

Here’s a simple dream, a crisp white shirt, bag full of books and endless possibilities. I write this article as a woman, who was once a girl.

Don’t be afraid of your body changing, this is going to make you more beautiful.
Don’t fear uncomfortable attention, you are capable enough to deal with it.
Don’t let anyone make choices on your behalf, you are brilliant.
You are a diamond, a rose, god’s best creation.
You are loved.

 Life Hack: Girls don’t decide to hate their bodies, we teach them to.
A girl’s self esteem peaks at 9 and drops at 12, if she is empowered it jumps at 20 again. As a social experiment I started approaching schools to talk about my vision of promoting ‘Positive Body Image’. Our young generation faces lot of complex self-esteem issues, many of which become apparent during early teens. Involving them in the format of workshops, allows them to experience the power of thinking beyond conventional norms without being too moralistic.

Here’s an interesting incidence, as part of my social initiative I met these absolutely stunning & fiercely intelligent young girls and asked them to select a word that defined them. They picked words like strong, fire, power, smile, beautiful. The most striking quality was that they were completely unafraid and beyond inhibitions. She is not going to turn 25, and suddenly bloom into a confident young woman. We have to assure them at every stage that she is unique, because every girl’s self worth matters.

The only way to develop a healthy attitude towards imperfections is to talk to girls when they are in the most vulnerable age. We teach them a very important lesson, “when you appreciate someone else it doesn’t make you less beautiful”. Women by nature like to deal with difficulty by empathising and supporting each other, thus empower them as groups.

We make decisions our entire life based on these precious years of growth. A self assured child is the most powerful source of inspiration. Let them be ambitious, creative and independent. “You are beautiful not like the magazines, but because of the way you think, the way you love, the way focus, the way you stand strong, the way you bet on yourself”.

Take everything that is bright within you and introduce it someone. As privileged strong women we should take ownership and inspire the next generation to live fearlessly. When girls hold back due to beauty related anxiety, our society misses out.
As blogger’s we have to make sure to not dilute our true perspective for sponsored posts. Blogs can be a catalyst to positive change in our society, it’s a tough journey but I am committed. I dedicate this article to our change makers, our dreamers, our visionaries. It’s my passion and mission to make every girl child have the same opportunity, as I did. 
 Who said, "Strong like a Girl" has to be preachy, we have a gangster vibe.
Thank You for supporting our vision.
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