Monday, January 11, 2016

You & Me - The YouTube Route

You will be, what you think. THINK AWESOME!
Do things, before you are ready. Remember the world responds to action, not planning. Here’s a story that will inspire you to jump the curve.

Life Hack: Forget the facts, remember the feeling and chase everything that excites your soul.
When the world was restricted to conventional content (words) a company challenged the big boys.
YouTube seems to have been around forever, but has actually only been around since 2005 before being sold in 2007 for 1.65 billion US dollars. Started by 3 friends who changed the way we consume entertainment. 

In fact YouTube made no profit and violated copyrights until google stepped up and decided to buy the venture and revamp it’s strategy. They realised the potential of content created by user’s and empowered various digital celebrities. Creativity trapped in urban and rural geographies are now free to be heard and viewed by millions by one subscribe option. I endorse everything that support’s progressive growth and potential of human connectivity. 
Yes, we are being mentored by a brand that has changed the way we learn and share information.You & Me will be creating some great original content together. #YouTubeSpaceMumbai is an excellent learning curve for our Vlog vertical, in fact it is going to be a deal breaker for 30ish.

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