Wednesday, May 25, 2016

11:00 PM Contractions Have Started - Birth Photography by #PhotoblogHER

Born : 4:33AM, In Labour: 5.30 hours, Birth: Natural - Captured by #PhotoblogHER

'Birth Photography' is the most stunning and misunderstood art/stream of photography. It is very subjective and not everyone would be fine with it, which is perfectly acceptable. If this is the first time you herd about this, please have an open mind. Birth is raw and empowering, there are very few couples in India who are as bold to let someone capture their most vulnerable moment. This experience reassured me that #PhotoblogHER is on the right path, I celebrate women through photography.

Life Hack: I couldn't hold my tears but that would ruin his' first photograph.
I am not writing this to offend anyone but sharing the power I saw which was the most glorious I ever experienced. There is so much trust in the room, the mother trusting her body, baby trusting the mother, the couple trusting each other.

You are one call away, there is no shoot set up, no extra lighting just an ocean of emotions, noise, anxiety, pain, joy, in the delivery room. 

Note: Couples document birth for themselves, we capture every aspect of our lives except birth because it seems intrusive but the truth is that there is nothing more magical than creating life. 
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