Sunday, June 5, 2016

30ish & No Kids Yet - An Uncomfortable Tag

This post was long overdue on 30ish, may be uncomfortable but important to be discussed. I write this blog completely unbiased with highest regard towards all women (single/married/mothers). We are endlessly discussed and spoken for, its time we speak for ourselves.

Women are gradually taking up new roles, being a mother is her ultimate calling no doubt but if she needs time then there shouldn't be a need to justify. Women in their 30's are being separated into two groups- mothers & childfree and surprisingly they are struggling to find a common ground. Some women are ready at 22 and some ain't ready until 32, too personal to be debated. 

Life Hack: Child, planning a child, no child - All these decisions belong to the couple and no one else.
All my work revolves around kids, I love them but every individual has a personal threshold for sharing their life and nurturing a child. Being a mother is a tough journey, I respect your struggle then why don't you respect my hustle?Every time you ask her ‘so when are you planning’ even before checking on ‘how is she doing’ it puts her on the back foot. 

Uncomfortable assumptions people make:
They mustn’t be getting along
She is too career minded
Something is surely wrong
They want to live like college students forever

The age old 'So whats the good news', could mean news things like you starting a new business, planning an adventure trip around  South America, helping our society live better. We belong to a very interesting millennium lets live and love more without putting each other down.

I respect all women who are unapologetic about their decisions, 30ish fights stereotypes and proudly promotes sisterhood, write to us if you would like to discuss anything on this forum.
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